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Nurturing our roots by connecting to the land!

what time to be alive! Nurturing our roots by connecting to the land.


Unravel the deep spiritual question of how can we get nurtured by nature for our mental health

Tips to access the outdoors safely.


When: May 15, 2021

Time: 2PM – 4PM

by : Anee Azucena and Leonard Maglalang.


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Note: Please bring a stick to this workshop!


Sponsored by: Fiesta Filipino , YEP Youth Empowerment Program, Calgary Fpundation, Action Dignity

Past Event

Let’s Talk About Sex(uality), Bes

A filipino POV on Sexuality and Mental Health.


Explore and unpack secuality and mental health in the filipinx community.

Engage in this “root work” together for learnings, meditations, affirmations and creative sharing.


When: May 8, 2021

Time: 2PM – 4PM

by: Simon Bondoc and Kathleen Bragas


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Sponsored by: Fiesta Filipino ,  Youth Empowerment Program (YEP) , Calgary Foundation and Action Dignity.

Your voice matters!

Join us this weekend for the Alberta Filipino Youth Leadership Caucus

When: March 7th 3pm – 5pm
Where: ZOOM! DM us for the link

What is the caucus about? ✨

• Gather input and insights from community leaders across the province on priority issues and actions that will shape the discussion at the 2021 Leadership Conference;

• Gather concrete ideas on how to build a province-wide network.

• Gather suggestions on how to proceed creatively and effectively with the Conference given the ongoing realities of the Covid-19 pandemic.

• Recommend attendees to the Conference who can represent the caucus’ ideas and involvement.

Breaking the stigma; Strengthening wellness


About this Event

What is Awakening Voices (AV)

Awakening Voices aims to address and breakdown stereotypes regarding mental health through publishing a book about different Filipino/a/x experiences, encouraging participants to attend a series of workshops, and attend an accumulating event where we showcase the beautiful art installation called, Train of Thoughts!



The book is part of the Awakening Voices (AV) series that aims to highlight different Filipino/a/x youth experiences. There will be two workshops that creators will attend to meet YEP mentors and other creators to get inspired, network, and create an impactful output.


Date of workshops: Feb 20th & 27th

Time: 1pm – 3pm

Sign up for the zoom link!

Limited spots ( for ages 13 – 29 )

*Honorarium included for those eligible.



Four (4) Workshops will soon be open to the public. The workshops with serve as a great way to learn and gain a deeper understanding of how our heritage and identity impact our mental health and the ways around strengthening our wellness.

The name, date, and time of the workshops will be announced closer to the dates.

Zoom link will be given to participants closer to the date.


Art Installation

This art installation, Train of Thought, is a visual representation of the effects of identity and heritage on mental health by using strings to create lines and shapes. The public will be involved in shaping what the art will look like by participating in a survey (survey soon to follow).


AV Virtual showcase event

To close off the series, the final event serves as a celebration of youth and holistic wellbeing to create more open and positive conversations about mental health, well-being, and breaking down stigma. The event will present the outcome of the art installation and will host local guest speakers and performers that advocates for mental health and identity.
Date of event: To be announced

Time: To be announced

Zoom link will be given to participants closer to the date


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About this Event

Awakening Voices- Breaking the stigma; Strengthening Wellness is a PFCA- YEP project funded by the Neighbourhood Grant through Calgary Foundation and in partnership with Action Dignity. The grant was conceptualized and written by YEP leads with guidance and help from some of our YEP mentors. This project wishes to create more open and positive conversations about mental health and well-being among youth and to change negative perceptions about mental health.

There are four components of this project: Book, Art installation, Workshops, and a Virtual showcase.

To kick-off our Awakening Voices series, we are inviting you all to tell your story about your experience with identity and mental health!

We have two online and free workshops this month:
1. Saturday 20, 2021 at 1pm – 3pm
2. Saturday 27, 2021 at 1pm – 3pm


Ages 13-29 only

Register here:…/awakening-voices-book…

Theme: Awakening Voices- Breaking the stigma; Strengthening Wellness.

You are signing up for 2 Book workshops where you will get to meet amazing mentors who will help you create a written, drawn, painted, or photographed output which will be compiled, published and printed as a book.


Meet a Professional Night


Friday, February 12 @ 6pm MST

Online Event Via Zoom

How to Increase Youth Engagement In your adovacies using Digital Marketing.

Social Media Workshop
YOUTH EMPOWERMENT PROGRAM and Diana Tare (Digital Branding Consultant)

October 24, 2020 | 2pm

Introducing YEP’s very first Netflix & Party!

This is an online event using the google chrome extension, “Netflix Party” and we will be showcasing different movies every 3rd Friday. This Friday we will be showcasing Ready Player One!

Ready Player One takes place in the year 2045 about a Wade Watts, escaping the real world through an immersive virtual universe where most of humanity spends their days. In the OASIS, you can go anywhere, do anything, be anyone-the only limits are your own imagination. – More on IMDb

PG13+; 2h19m; Adventure/Action

Click the link to register now:





This year, the YOUTH EMPOWERMENT PROGRAM is featuring its very own “Amazing Race!” The race will consist of Trivias, Filipino games, and a whole lot of fun! Come and race to win prizes and learn about the Filipino culture and Fiesta Filipino’s Youth Empowerment Program. 


The YEP zone is also going to have it’s mini- kids coral, where younger children can go and try out some crafts, and filipino games.

August 30 – September 01, 2019

Olympic Plaza

228 8 Ave SE. Calgary, AB


Sponsored by:

Alberta Government, Calgary Arts Development and Arts Common.

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