Youth Empowerment Program

The Youth Empowerment Program (YEP) is a project of the Philippine Festival Council of Alberta (PFCA), the organization behind the annual Fiesta Filipino in Calgary, in partnership with Arts Commons.

YEP is all about youth engagement through hands-on experience of Filipino-Canadian culture. It gives emphasis to young Filipinos integrating and settling in the Canadian setting through (1) hands-on experience of Filipino Arts and Culture; (2) increase in the youth’s sense of belongingness in the Canadian Culture and sense of identity of being Filipino-Canadian as well as; (3) promotion of leadership, diversity, professionalism and creativity. This year, YEP will embrace the PFCA’s theme of Kapit-Bisig (Strength in Unity)

Our Vision for all!

To empower youth.

Our Mission is Possible!

To develop and support youth in leadership, arts and community.

We empowered 200 Youth

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We Connect our Youth.

Our goal is to empower our youth!

YEP Workshops

We provide a positive developmental settings to promote youth competence, confidence and connections.


We encourage participation and create opportunities to learn, practice, and increase skills.


We promote youth competence, confidence and connections.


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