YEP First Workshop: Baybayin Workshop

Youth Empowerment Program YEP’s first set of free workshops had a great success.

Youth Empowerment Program YEP Leadership Workshop 1: Self-discovery

The kids were able to learn hip-hop dance moves, leadership skills, how to build cosplay props, write Baybayin and Philippine History.

Watch out for announcements as we have more workshops coming.

We would like to thank our mentors who hosted the workshops yesterday: Gladzy Kei Art & Cosplay, Pamana Designs Mad Society, Dolly Punsalan Castillo Fatima and Narvaez.

Youth Empowerment Program YEP is brought to you by the Philippine Festival Council of Alberta in partnership with Arts Commons.


  • Youth Empowerment Program  YEP Leadership Workshop 1: Self-discovery
  • Youth Empowerment Program YEP Hip Hop Workshop
  • Youth Empowerment Program YEP “How To Make Armour Cosplay For Beginners”

Costume playing (or Cosplay) in the modern times are now more prevalent and had become a hobby for most costume playing appeals. Wearing costumes to represent a character is not only fun but brings personal joys to those who love to cross briefly to a different dimension and turn away from reality and experience a changed mood. In this workshop, the participant will be taught the basic design of making an armour. A metal covering mostly worn to protect oneself during a battle. In this session, the mentor will switch the gear to fun artistry and illustration of making a basic armour and give the feel for pretend battlefield.

Mentor: Gladzy Zuniga – Gladzy Kei Arts

  • Youth Empowerment Program YEP Language Arts – Baybayin Workshop
  • Youth Empowerment Program YEP Filipino History – “Travel Back and Learn Our Roots”



Youth Empowerment Porgram YEP Baybayin Workshop






Photos: Xanne Joy, Beng Moreno