Come learn useful tools on improving your confidence and overall speaking skills.

About this Event

In this workshop, we will have a highly interactive session the provide a mix of information, speaking exercises, presenting to the room, and foster best practices in all facets of public speaking. The outputs of this sessions are to help build confidence, provide tools to continuously improve overall speaking.


Building a story through acting exercise, and share some powerful stories. And then to write a 2-5 minute scene to share their scene. Creating groups they form a complete film crew. Each group has the framework of a team to create and edit a piece. Sharing tools and processes to allow their pieces to be scene and what that looks like from an industry and digital perspective. and how to make an inclusive aware production crew to create a space that is brave and space to be creative.


This module will focus on components of developing stories and expressing them in various medium, particularly film. It will be composed of:

Developing your voice and stories Writing stories, scripts, etc. Expressing stories using your own voice

Pillar(s): Personal development; Professional development Themes: Stepping out of your comfort zones; Finding your passions


This will provide participants a foundational knowledge of Filipino culture, values and language. It will be composed of:

Sessions on dance, culinary and literature Filipino language will be integrated into the sessions to provide for opportunities to use common words in the context of everyday activities Other areas can be integrated in the sessions that can also bridge the intergenerational gap

Pillar(s): Personal development Themes: Personal passions; Building positive relationships; Enrichment of current connections


This workshop features our very own Nina Mabugat, a well known singer and performer in the Calgary area. During this workshop, participants will be learning a Christmas Carol, which they will be performing during YEP’s culminating event in December 2019.