YEP Jabbawoki (Part 1) – Relationship Workshop

Jabbawocki Part 1 was one of Youth Empowerment Program YEP’s most interactive and educational workshops that talked about one of the more non-spoken topics that has widely affected many — mental health.

The workshop was lead by a team of mentors who all had an uplifting vibe that was welcoming and friendly with each one having something to bring to the table, be it either through dance and movement, music and sounds, or visual arts.  The workshop had an artistic aspect behind it that made it cater to the creativity of the youth. With the theme of positive mental health behind it all, the masks that the youth were tasked to create had deep symbolic meanings, voicing a powerful message to teach the participants about what others see on the surface and what’s underneath their own masks. Overall, this workshop is one of Youth Empowerment Program YEP’s best, with engaging activities for the youth while teaching them the different aspects of our mental well-being.

  • J.V. Fabro
    YEP, Youth Lead

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